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What is hemorrhoids? How Does It Heal?
  • 2020-09-18 10:30:01
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What is hemorrhoids? How Does It Heal?

The disease, which is known as hemorrhoids among the people and as hemorrhoids in the medical community, is a problem arising from the capillaries that occur around the anus and slightly above it.

Hemorrhoids can occur for many different reasons. Although these reasons show different types, it is impossible to specify a characteristic reason for hemorrhoids. It is generally thought to be observed during periods of high stress.

What is hemorrhoids?
Hemorrhoids is a condition that causes itching and pain around the anus. This discomfort can be in the inner or outer part of the anus. Although hemorrhoids, which cause significant problems in the people they are observed, go away on their own in some cases, some people require intervention.

Medications and nutritional recommendations are available to reduce the condition and effects of hemorrhoids. When symptoms of hemorrhoids are seen, it is necessary to consult a doctor without wasting time. Otherwise, the symptoms may worsen and severe pain and bleeding may be observed.

How Does Hemorrhoids Occur and What Are Its Symptoms?
Symptoms of hemorrhoids:

Swelling and lump formation around the anus
Itching and pain around the anus
blood in stool
can be given as There are different reasons behind these symptoms.

The most known external effect in the formation of hemorrhoids is constipation. During a long period of constipation, difficulty in defecation triggers the formation of hemorrhoids. In these cases, swelling and lumps occur around the anus with the effect of damaged and forced capillaries.

This swelling causes pain and itching over time. In order to prevent this situation, the person should resolve the constipation situation as soon as possible. The continuation of constipation is extremely negative for the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids Treatment
Treatment of hemorrhoids usually depends on the condition of the disease. External hemorrhoids usually heal over time with relief of constipation. Therefore, there is no specific treatment for the external hemorrhoid condition. In some cases, if the disease is too advanced, medication may be required.

Spontaneous treatment is more difficult in internal hemorrhoids. In these cases, drug therapy is applied first. If drug therapy is not successful, surgical intervention is performed to prevent the progression of complications.

Although the decision for surgical intervention is not made immediately, in some cases, drugs do not give a positive response. In such cases, surgical intervention becomes necessary to end the person's discomfort.