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To deal with the belief that you are worthless and flawed
  • 2022-06-15 16:21:41
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To deal with the belief that you are worthless and flawed

If you have a defective scheme; You live with a belief that you are incomplete and inadequate. So much so; No success does not completely destroy this feeling that lies deep. You tend to skillfully hide this belief that you are flawed. Sometimes you prefer to run away from this feeling. You have a hard time convinced that someone really loves you. Because your belief that you do not have features worthy of love is rooted. Your self -perception; corrupted or distorted. Whatever you do, there are shortcomings in the profile in your mind about you. Hiding is sometimes the easiest. The most important part is how your perception of defect about yourself takes shape and rooted your soul.
If your parents have constantly criticized you in your childhood, if they have rules with you with a destructive rigidity, if you have made you feel “unwanted” because of your existing self -features, the perception of “I am inadequate, inadequate, defective and incomplete” occurs in your mind. In your slightest initiative, your parents have made you feel that you are “useless”. Whatever you do, every work you do according to your parents is missing a piece.
In every criticism of your parents, the seeds of the belief that you are not good enough for nothing ”are discarded in your mind. You learn to despise yourself from your parents. The result of years of criticism culture is now becoming your own judge. You have learned to criticize yourself in the "best" from your parents. The slightest mistake can create an infrastructure for your upside down and your head.
It requires courage to start a new job in your adult life. Because your belief that you are not enough in any subject is rooted. You will feel deep ashamed when you face your belief in flawfulness. If your parent is during your development; If he said that you are not good enough for anything, you will carry these feelings to their adult life and make these feelings inner sound. You have been constantly criticized for how you look, how you behave or how you talk in the past. Because you are you, that is, due to your own structural features, it is not valued enough. You may have associated your lack of loved ones with your imperfect and inadequate being.
The sentences that your parents have criticized you have now become your inner voice. So much so; Contrary to these sentences you have heard for years, it is not easy for you to believe. This sound has become a part of your life. It reminds you of what you don't want to hear in the background even when you feel the most successful. Your inner voice is ruthless, punishing and solid. It reminds you that you are flawed and weak at almost every stage of your life. With all your strength, you stand up again and try to provide spiritual satisfaction with new achievements, but the critical inner voice reminds you that your success is temporary and that your success is not actually you.
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