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Super women's syndrome
  • 2022-06-15 16:23:37
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Super women's syndrome

If you want to keep everything in a perfect order, you've got a "super woman" syndrome. If you think so, you always try to attract your standards on the existing one. For better, you don't realize how much struggling is actually. Your home is always organized and regular; You believe that your children should not distribute any place and that there should be a different meal every day in your home. You blame yourself when you do not strive for perfection. When you have to reach the better, you question you that you have to settle for less. Those who think that you are more tired of you are those who observe you from the outside. You live with the belief that all this busy tempo is normal. However, this goal of perfection can lead to some negative affect.
When a friend brings a negative criticism of your home, you feel tense and restless. When you feel that your child is one step behind compared to your children, you feel the need to question your motherhood by panicked. In order to be the best in different fields and to be best known, you fall into a wheel that you do not realize. There is a lot of work you need to do in less time. Interestingly, these things never end. This is like the weights imposed on your soul without realizing that endless things. What you need to grow always makes you feel on alert. What you have done is not enough for you. Sometimes you don't even describe them as success. Instead of stopping and slowing down, you prefer to increase your responsibilities.
Every new responsibility makes you more aggravated. At this point, you can ask yourself why your target range is so wide. You can try to understand why you feel more compelled to do more. You can question the importance of approval in your life. You may think about the damages that you feel under pressure. You can reinforce the belief that it is not necessary to load yourself in order to achieve spiritual satisfaction.
When you do enough effort, you believe that it is possible to capture that wonderful sense of victory. For this, you will compromise more than yourself. However, these compromises tire you physically and spiritually. If you are not in an effort, you will feel unsatisfied. You do not give yourself the opportunity to rest because of the emptiness and unrest that you feel inside. You should stop and review your mental needs, determine your boundaries in a healthy way and give up taking responsibilities that do not belong to you.
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