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Suggestions for children to keep their immune systems strong
  • 2022-06-29 07:40:24
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Suggestions for children to keep their immune systems strong

The immune system is a physical defense mechanism that protects the body against the diseases caused by harmful microorganisms causing infection and neutralizes that microorganism with a strong immune response if it is encountered again. In children, the immune system is weaker than adults, and the first reason is that it has not yet completed the development of the immune system like all body systems. The draft of the immune system is formed through breast milk in the first two years of life. During this period, thanks to the antibodies taken from the mother, the body can develop defense against infection factors that it does not yet recognize. In the following periods, immunoglobulin cells, called immunoglobulin, begin to develop. This process continues until puberty. In this period, for adequate development of immune system cells, the body should be supported by important factors such as nutrition, exercise and regular sleep. For a strong immunity, it is necessary to have a sufficient, balanced and various diet, which contains all nutrient groups. Now let's come to our suggestions to increase the immune system, feed only breast milk for the first 6 months for the immune system to be strong and give breast milk until the age of 2. If babies are not vaccinated, their bodies fall weak against germs that may cause disease.
Anemia, iron deficiency, folate, vitamin B12 deficiency, vitamin D deficiency, zinc deficiency causes frequent illness. Therefore, there should be a deficiency at regular intervals and should be treated if there is a deficiency.
Do not neglect routine controls under the control of your physician.
-For our children, we consume turmeric and ginger, homemade yogurt
-Sweat the bond -friendly kefir with fruit
-Feed your child with molasses. . Vitamin C also has the effect of increasing the absorption of iron mineral in the body. In children with iron deficiency problems, the consumption of molasses on the kiwi gives two layers of immunity to children by increasing the iron absorption in molasses. Because vitamin C is required for the absorption of iron in the content of molasses.
-Support your child's mind and immunity with the Omega-3 storage fish. Belly contains selenium, a very strong antioxidant. Consuming fish for 2-3 days a week will increase the child's concentration in the school and keep the immune system at the highest level while reflected in the success of the courses.
-Cook Mother Food instead of Fast Food
-A, D, E and B12 -rich eggs support the development of the child's intelligence development and maintain the brain structure thanks to the quality protein contains a great contribution to healthy growth.
-In addition to healthy eating for a powerful donation system, let's not forget that exercise and regular sleep is also very important.
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