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Submission to marriage in marriage
  • 2022-06-16 13:49:35
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Submission to marriage in marriage

In relationships where submission is active, one of the spouses is constantly trying to please the other. If he does not fulfill his wishes, he is afraid of his wife's anger, damage to the emotional bond with him and rejects himself. The approve of his wife himself is mentally nutritious for these people. The possibility that his wife does not approve him is quite anxious for these people. They feel guilty when they give priority to their own wishes and needs. Because the priority is always the satisfaction of the other party. Conflict for these people; The most dangerous possibility. Because at the end of the conflict, his wife's “positive perspective” and the idea of ​​losing his approval is a spiritual possibility. These people tend to give more than they always receive. They attribute all the actions they have implemented by sacrificing them as “sacrifice .. In fact, they consider their verbs that defeat them and attract all their energies as “should be ..
They feel conscientiously relieved when they cross their limits and take the responsibilities of their wives on them. In this way, they maintain their good intentions and sacrifices to their wives and the peace of marriage. They feel the need to think more of their spouses more than themselves so that they can define themselves as “right spouses .. Submissive people; They ignore the satisfaction of the people to satisfy people.
The focal points of submissive people are mostly their wives, not themselves. They feel spiritual satisfaction at the level of satisfaction of their spouses. In order to increase the comfort of their spouses, they continue their marriage life in an unexpected effort. After a while, they enter the process of exhaustion both physically and spiritually. According to them, nothing they do is exaggerated and sometimes missing. However, these people continue to normalize their efforts to satisfy their wives despite their burnout.
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