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Reflection of the defect scheme on personality
  • 2022-06-16 13:48:40
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Reflection of the defect scheme on personality

I would like to mention that your parents, who own the inner voice in your childhood, are inadequate and flawed in their childhood. Perhaps your parents have felt better about him by making you feel inadequate in your childhood, humiliating you. They may have left damage to your emotion world to combat their perceptions of flaws. Perhaps your parents may have felt superior and successful while making you feel insulted and inadequate.
You feel the need to be superior in a field in order to cope with your perception of defect. You want to suppress your belief that you are flawed by feeling more successful and strong. You want to tolerate the underlying sense of inadequacy by keeping the power in your hand. Thanks to the existing protective shield, you feel stronger and less hurt. However, your reflection is often misleading. Your sensitive side is still with you. You still feel incomplete and flawed in deep. Only your real self that you know is still fragile and injured. As you look strong from the outside, you fight with the share that is flawed inside. The loser of this war is your real personality. Because it is extremely weary to look stronger than the existing.
    Your perceptions of defect are often not structured on a real flaw. Probably your weaknesses are constantly emphasized by your parents, and this has revealed the belief that you are flawed. The main thing is not the presence of the flaw; It is the approach of your parents and other members of the family and how they make you feel. Even if you really feel flawed, if your parents make you feel sufficient and valuable, you won't feel missing and you will not build a thought in this direction.
    To change your perception of your own flaws, first try to understand your sense of flaw in your childhood. What made you feel like that? Is your parents' approach to you? Is they constantly focusing on your shortcomings? Are their disdainful gaze when you talk to you? Are your parents who are under your feeling of shame negative perceptions about you? Try to understand the origin of your feeling of shame and inadequacy.
Who caused you to feel inadequate? Review your family relationships and try to understand how family members make you feel. Was it the critical approaches of your father who trained you the most? Or are your mother's humiliating gaze? Would you feel that you were always doing something wrong with your brother? Would your parents always look for a flaw in your gesture, gesture and behavior?
    Try to remember the answers to these questions. Review what you are doing to get rid of your sense of flaw. Are you overly defender against criticism? Would you constantly make explanations in the face of the slightest criticism in order not to feel flawed in your adult life? Are you trying to create a strong status for yourself to tolerate your sense of flaws and inadequacy? Why is it so important for you to find you strong? Does impressing others make you feel less inadequate? Do you feel emotionally threatened in the social environments you are criticized?
All this can be an example of behaviors that show that you are trying to compensate for your sense of flawfulness.
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