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On the difficulties of attention and focus
  • 2022-06-18 19:20:38
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On the difficulties of attention and focus

Not wanting to study, lingering for hours at the beginning of homework, not being able to achieve the desired success in the exams is a situation that I frequently observe among the students.
In such a case, the first thing that comes to mind may be attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. However, when I consider this situation by adding different perspectives, I see that a number of emotional processes are involved. In order to focus on a given task, our capacity to postpone the pleasure must be improved. For example, when we read a book, we may suddenly want to do something else, but we finish that page that attracts our attention and then consider to take care of something else. This shows that we are working on the postponement capacity of us. We expect the same situation to students during the lesson, instead of listening to the lesson, they may want to be busy with more fun things, but if they can postpone the fun to the break, a child can focus on the lesson. Our skill starts to develop in the age of 6 and continuation, so starting primary school at an early age may create a situation as if there is a problem of focus and attention in children, but this may be related to age instead of attention. In this context, I would like to emphasize that it is very important to think from different perspectives when making a careful comment on children in the age of 6 and before. While evaluating the focus and attention problems, you should not skip what is happening in the inner world of children. Anger, anxiety, depression, domestic conflicts adversely affect the focus because while the brain structure of us is engaged in an emotional/relational problem, our focus and attention period decreases. If our children's interest in lessons has decreased, is there something that they are bored of them as a priority? How do you feel? It is one of our most basic emotions that prevent the learning processes of the course. When I observed the worried children, I had the opportunity to observe a lot of attention that their attention was dispersed and their learning weakened. Psychiatric doctors put the diagnosis of attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. It is necessary to evaluate more than one area while diagnosis, so the child's story of development, whether there is a genetic transition, family atmosphere, parents attitudes, attitudes in the school environment, relations with friends should be taken into consideration. In addition, we call objective cognitive and attention evaluations MOXO, WISC4, CAS, Project Inner World Evaluation and Teacher's views should be included and planning should be made by drawing a road map. Considering these contexts, I recommend that the effect of emotional factors in attention and focus problems are not ignored.
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