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Joint problems
  • 2022-06-18 19:18:05
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Joint problems

The jaw joint is a complex structure consisting of many components. Movement in the jaw joint; The bones that make up the joints, the gap between the bones, the joint fluid and disc, joint capsule, ligaments, chewing muscles and teeth, if there is a harmony, proceeds without any problems. However, when there is a problem with any of the joint components, a strain in movements begins and another connected component may be affected. For example, in a patient with teeth squeezing, chewing muscles work too actively, pain may occur in the muscles, but the most affected structure is teeth and abrasions on the surfaces of tooth begin. When there is a discomfort with the joint, it is necessary to identify the structure in which this disorder is caused by the treatment plan according to it. The disorders can be caused by the fact that the chewing muscles show excessive activity with the simplest form, as well as injury in the post -traumatic joint capsule and ligaments, displacement of the disc, or degenerative disorders caused by the bone structure of the joint heads. Although teeth squeezing has psychological origin in most people, it may also be caused by a high filler or a closing disorder that concerns the whole mouth. In the treatment of these disorders, drug use, regulation of some habits related to daily life, intra -joint washing, injection (artrosenthesis), PRP application, night plaque, botox application, physical therapy or psychiatric counseling can be applied. The treatment plan is made by evaluating the structures that the patient originated and affected by his complaints and discomfort. In patients who have been squeezed for a long time and have developed advanced levels of teeth, it may be necessary to treat the teeth and restore the lost vertical dimension in addition to joint treatment. If joint discomfort is due to a closing disorder and the lack of jaws and teeth in ideal position, it may be necessary to plan a multidisciplinary treatment by involving orthodontic treatment in joint treatment.
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