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Does Milk Consumption Affect IVF
  • 2021-07-29 18:51:49
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Does Milk Consumption Affect IVF

A study was conducted in the days we left behind at Harvard University. The subject of this research is; Brief information about whether the consumption of milk or dairy products affects the success of IVF treatment. According to research published by the authoritative scientific journal Reproduction , live birth rates were significantly higher in women aged 35 and older who consumed adequate amounts of milk and dairy products . 

All women included in the study were subjected to a detailed study in terms of the use of milk and dairy products before starting the treatment. In this study, milk and dairy products were also classified as low and full fat. 

In this study, the low or full-fat dairy products make a big difference. If you also have a balanced diet at every meal and regularly at every meal, there will be no problem. You can also be your own doctor at home and take care of yourself in a healthier way.

What is the Relationship Between Dairy Products and IVF?

As a result of the researches; It turned out that the most consumed dairy products were whole milk. The use of full-fat dairy products is approximately 32% . Low-fat milk rates, on the other hand, followed these data with 29%, while yogurt was announced as 19% . patients; examined the consumption of dairy products in 4 different areas according to their rates. B

As a result, groups were compared in terms of uterine lining thickness, blood estradiol level, number of eggs collected, fertilization rates, clinical pregnancy and live birth rates. With this classification, many of the obvious problems have been removed.

This Research May Affect IVF Success Rates!

Scientists and IVF experts stated that this research is very valuable. As a result of the results, it was reported that it can increase the success rates for women who want to have IVF. This research is very important in terms of emphasizing the importance of women's consumption of milk and dairy products before starting IVF treatment. You can increase the probability of success with a diet that is suitable for your own structure or with natural meals such as milk and dairy products.