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Distorted thoughts
  • 2022-06-17 17:28:52
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Distorted thoughts

Distorted thoughts, which are considered as one of the concepts of cognitive behavioral therapy, in other words, cognitive distortions include their thoughts that cause people to misunderstand reality. According to cognitive therapies, the common mechanism underlying all disorders is thought to be distorted thoughts that affect the mental state and behavior of the individual. Realistic re -evaluated and changing these thoughts leads to improvements in emotions and behaviors. It is seen that more permanent improvements depend on the change of non -functional basic beliefs of individuals (No Diurmaz and Öz, 2011).
Distorted interpretations consist of faulty education that we see and experience in our environment since birth. Cognitive distortions cause instant automatic thoughts about events. Depression, anxiety disorder, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder and emotional disorders and cognitive distortions under the behavior of people under the self -harmful behavior is explained in cognitive -based therapy methods. Thoughts are the basis of cognitive therapy. In general, we distort new events and tuitions in order to adapt the existing basic belief. These distorted interpretations are settled by automatically increasing the level of consciousness. The registration process of newly learned information is based on childhood years. In this period, incorrectly registered information can cause individuals to misinterpret themselves and their environment. Individuals who make cognitive distortions accept their mistakes of thought as if they were real. In this context, cognitive distortions cause automatic thoughts that cause a number of emotional problems if the information is wrong. The aim of cognitive therapies aims to make individuals understand and realize their thoughts that harm them and to make valid thoughts instead of these wrong thoughts (Duman et al., 2019).
There are eleven types of distorted thought system. Always or never thought; It causes all kinds of experiences and life to be evaluated at two ends. Excessive generalization; It is a reflection of an event to the whole life and the future. Mental filter; It is a single negative event and detail. To invalidate positive; trying to convince themselves that it is negative by ignoring positive events. Jumping to the results; Although the incision to support the result is no evidence, to make a negative assessment. Enlargement and reduction; The behavior of being enlarged and shrinking in a disproportionate way. Emotional decisions; Don't think that negative feelings do not actually reflect the truth. -Mali, -Mali sentences; Using expressions about how behaviors, events, thoughts or emotions should be. Labeling; Paste a negative label. Personalization; Personal perception, even though we are not the main responsible for a negative event. Disaster; It always involves thinking of the future as negatively without thinking of other consequences.
When negative thoughts are examined, we see that they contain ‘cognitive distortions .. At first we may not notice it, but when these thoughts are examined, we realize that it is wrong. It is important to realize how such negative thoughts, distorted forms of thought affect the emotions of individuals, and to see how these non -original thoughts come automatically. Ensuring this will increase the quality of life of individuals.
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