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Dependent Character Features in Marriage
  • 2022-06-16 13:50:37
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Dependent Character Features in Marriage

If you have dependent character traits, you think that many things are difficult to deal with. You feel inadequate when you cope with the responsibilities of adult life. You feel anxiety that you cannot control in decision -making processes and you expect help from you to cope with it. You feel stress and anxiety in routine jobs for others. You act with the belief that you do not have an important part of the skills you need. You want to have someone around you constantly. You feel that the little boy in you panicked and needs help with how to cope. Your fear of abandonment has taken you.
"I don't think I can lead a life without it." "I can't fight alone." "If I stay without him, I feel that I will drown." In the form of thoughts are a reflection of one's patterns of addiction. If you have addictive infrastructure, you will have difficulty deciding on your own. You avoid the difficulties you have to fight on your own. You need support for how to use your coping mechanisms. When you stay away from your parents, you get away from your sense of self. In your adult life, you often need the support and guidance of your parents.
In your marriage, you often receive advice from your partner in your life, you will expect more than necessary to guide you. After the tensions, you cannot lift your spouse's distance to you and feel spiritually injured. You cannot even tolerate the idea that your partner will move away from you emotionally. Whatever happens, you prefer the destructive existence of your spouse to his absence. If you have an addiction origin, the fact that you are exposed to emotional violence is not enough for you to end your marriage. Although the damages of your marriage to you are much more than the contributions it offers you, you prefer to continue your marriage. Because whatever it makes you live, you think that you feel that you exist with your partner and you feel that you cannot lead a life without it. Even if there is no training, you act with the concern that your spouse offers you the best guidance and that you will not find your way without it.
You associate the meaning of your existence with your marriage and your partner. In your opinion, a person must be connected to someone and complete his existence with him. You watch the struggle for survival of an individual who has separated from his wife and survived alone. Because perhaps it is not possible for someone who has preferred the absence of his wife in your schemes to feel full of spiritual terms. The fear of being on its own is more priority than all fears. Sometimes you are emotionally rejected by your partner. You associate his rejecting attitude with your own behavior and as a result you feel guilty.
Even if you need to be separated from your spouse for a while, you cannot tolerate his emotional deprivation. The way of communication with him; You prefer to stay without it. For many years, you prefer to live a common life to tolerate the sense of inadequacy and deficiency within you even though you are exposed to the humiliation, emotional violence and criticism of your spouse. However, the main condition of realizing our self is not the dependence on an individual. In the process of building your own self, you should recognize your dependent personality traits and strive to separate in a healthy way (being an individual).
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