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Conflict in relationships
  • 2022-06-28 02:06:51
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Conflict in relationships

Conflict is normal in every relationship with human beings and should be experienced. Because every person's wishes, expectations, values, life experiences, culture, acceptances are different. It is expected to be experienced in the families. Contrary to the human beings, happy couples are also experienced in disagreements and discussions, but happy couples have the right to conflict in such situations. They know how to manage a relationship completely in a relationship. assuming or accusing, critical discussion, anyone who does not listen to anyone, understands and tries to understand. Even in a non -emli issue, all the old books are opened double 20 -year -old problems can be done on the agenda of all the problems that are not solved. Here are the couples here to get help. They hear what his wife means, what he needs, what he needs, and most importantly what he feels. They have been married for years and lived without knowing and hearing each other's needs. relationships.
When they encounter communication problems to couples under family counseling, they learn how to listen to each other, how they should express their requests, needs and demands. I think it is necessary to get the happiness of couples with the help of a family counselor and to grow children in a healthy family environment.
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