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What to know for ice cream in children
  • 2022-06-20 07:19:17
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What to know for ice cream in children

It is a sweet ice cream that our children love, especially in the world, which has a history of nearly 400 years. I tried to answer the most curious for you
1-Does the donation have nutritional value?
Ice cream child nutrition is a product of milk, which is one of the basic nutrients, although it is not one of the basic nutrients. In addition, considering the types of ice cream created with chocolate, cocoa and fruit mixtures, protein, carbohydrates and fats as well as elements and vitamins are the most innocent dessert. 100 grams of ice cream contains approximately 100-200 kilocaloria
2-What should be considered when receiving a nonsense? How should the storage conditions be?
It should be prepared in healthy and hygienic conditions. It is very important to be made of paste and produce in hygienic conditions. Bacteria can easily reproduce in ice cream produced in unhealthy conditions. Therefore, care should be careful when buying ice creams and iced drinks, especially open, should not be purchased from unreliable places, ice cream.
  • In packaged ice creams and iced foods, the label on the package should be read, the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Village Affairs should not be purchased whether the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Village Affairs has production/import permission, the expiry date, and the products that have passed without permission and/or expiry date should never be purchased. Let's not forget that support from child physicians can be received especially in terms of additives.
  • In addition, it should not be ignored that the cooling in which such foods are served is sufficient cold and working.
  3-What can you say about the health benefits of donation?
  Calcium is of great importance for both bone and dental health. 120 mg of calcium with half a glass of milk, while the same amount of ice cream 150 mg of calcium intake is in question. Therefore, it is possible to consume healthy with peace of mind.
  4-Can you give a practical and healthy ice cream recipe that can be done at home?
  Crush the fruits and puree.
We check it at the end of 2-3 hours. Our children should eat ice cream by melting and holding them in the mouth. Incidentally, it is useful to emphasize that homemade ice cream will be a much healthier choice for our children instead of ready -made ice cream consumption due to additives.
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