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What is venous insufficiency
  • 2022-06-28 02:06:15
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What is venous insufficiency

The question of what is venous insufficiency is often encountered. As it is known, veins also contain valves. These are called valves. The task of the valves is to prevent the flow of blood and perform a barrier. If the valves are also in trouble, the flow of blood to the heart is impaired. This is called venous insufficiency. Accordingly, the vessels become apparent and varicose veins arise. It is necessary to know what venous insufficiency is. It is a discomfort that we encounter too much today.
Veins are very important. It has a basic function in the body. Dirty blood in the body is carried to the heart. From there to the lungs and cleaned. Venous insufficiency causes the blood to flow in the opposite direction, not towards the heart. To recover what is venous insufficiency, the veins are the name given to all kinds of discomfort and cover problems. Varicose veins cannot fulfill the task of the valve and the leak is formed. Blood cannot go to the heart. It is necessary to know why venous insufficiency occurs.
Causes of venous insufficiency
It is necessary to know what venous insufficiency and why it occurs. Some reasons are as follows;
• Varicose Disease
  • Using a long -term birth control pill and a side effect
  • Bannial venous insufficiency
  • Vascular occlusion and deterioration in the internal structure of the vessels (phlebitis)
  • The muscles are weak
  Genetically found venous insufficiency
  • Smoking and alcohol use
  • Being over 50 years of age
  • Status during pregnancy
  • Having blood clot in the vessels
  Venous insufficiency treatment
There are many options for those who are curious about what is venous insufficiency, how to treat. First of all, it is checked what the discomfort is caused. It is also important how much damage occurs. It is recommended that these patients use socks. Since pressure is continuously applied, blood flow is regulated. If the correct application is performed, the effects of venous insufficiency may be reduced. In addition, medication is applied. The use of diuretic is important. Reduces the swelling of the legs.
The page content is only for informational purposes, you should consult your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.