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What is psychological counselor, what is not?
  • 2022-06-20 07:21:59
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What is psychological counselor, what is not?

Psychological counseling is a professional profession. It helps to understand and analyze a new perspective to understand the problems of the clients or the issues they bring or the subject they bring.
Psychological counselors cannot write medication, but they can analyze and direct whether drug treatment is necessary.
In our society, people have just started to get psychological support with the concepts such as mental health, psychologically good, self -realization, self -realization, and self -realization. Of course, this is a psychologist or a psychiatrist or psychological counselor? It can create confusion and question marks in the heads. What is a psychological counselor for this? I wanted to explain.
  Psychological counselor
To overcome the various problems and difficulties they face in their lives
In order to get rid of psychological -based disorders such as stress, obsession, trauma and depression they cannot cope with
To be able to reorganize by reviewing the relationships with the environment and with him
To make both of them better by realizing their strong and weaknesses
In order to increase their awareness about themselves
To achieve their goals
To improve the quality of life
So that they can feel more fit and happy
It provides professional support with its knowledge and expertise.

  What is not a psychological counselor?
   Psychological counseling can be taken to explore and develop better and better.
Advice is not a person who gives advice.
It is not the person who says positive things that will make you feel good to relieve you. Of course, in this process, we can find ourselves in feelings such as tired regret, etc. These are also included in the consultation.
It is not your friend you worry about/chatting. Because the counselor does not treat you like your friend.
The responsibility of the client's life is not the person who decides.
It does not have a magic wand to solve problems instantly.
It is not the person who treats problems with medication.
It is not the person who takes all the responsibility of the counseling process. (The client should also take responsibility)
In this article, I wanted to explain to the subject by focusing on the unknown or incorrectly known things about the psychological counselor. I hope it was useful. Stay with love.
  The page content is only for informational purposes, you should consult your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.