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What is double therapy, when should support be received
  • 2022-07-01 15:35:02
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What is double therapy, when should support be received

Today, 1 out of 5 marriages results in divorce. Particularly in the first 2 years of marriage, the disagreements of the two foreigners who try to get to know each other in the same house show that divorces accelerated. Although there are many reasons for divorces, it is seen that divorce is inevitable for some couples when we examine the relationships that come to the end or end. In addition, many couples use double therapies when they reach the final radius.
What is double therapy?
Double therapy is a type of therapy that deals with problems and communication disorders between partners. The task of the therapists here is not to finish or continue a relationship. It aims to understand each other with different methods in line with the request of the partners, gain new relationship skills and change dysfunctional behaviors, and gain insight into their own, their partners and their relationships. The main objective in the therapies is to reduce the size of the debate in line with the desired partners, to develop healthy forms of discussion and to ensure the balance between partners. In addition, it is one of the therapy services to ensure that the separation is realized in a healthy way.
What should we go to double therapy?
There is no human relationship with no discussion. It contains the debate in each relationship model and contrary to what is known, discussions are dialogues that keep relationships alive and strengthen relationships. The important thing is the size, form and how the discussions end. In other words, if you are having problems in the solution phase, even if the problems experienced, if you feel that you are very worn, you cannot have a healthy way of discussion, and if your resentments take a long time, you should get double therapy if you are unhappy in this relationship.
The most common reasons for application:
Communication Problems
Trust problem
Lack of empathy
Stuck in the past
Anger control problems
Be able to assume the responsibility of the relationship
Frequent Discussions
Lack of problem solving skills
My wife does not want to participate, what will I do?
The scenario that we often encounter is the scenario that one of the partners rejects the situation. At this stage, or threatening sentences such as "if you do not come, I will not speak to you if you do not accept therapy" should never be used. It may have difficulty in adapting to the therapy, although it loses its confidence in the compulsory partner therapy and its partner. This challenge can make the situation worse than it is, causing the motivation of the partner who prefers the therapy. If the person wishes, he / she can continue the therapy alone and strengthen his personal development.
Many people think that the therapy room is full of accusations and criticisms. However, as a person who participates in the therapy, you can also convey your experiences and arouse curiosity.
  How should you choose your therapist?
It is very important to investigate your therapist before creating a session. You can come together by requesting a preliminary meeting appointment and ask what you are curious about the content of double therapy. In the therapies, client-supply compliance is very important. Therefore, it may be a good idea to meet your therapist, communicate, to communicate, and to get information about the appropriateness of the homework during the therapy.
How many sessions does double therapy take?
During the therapy, the responsibility of the therapy is in the client's itself. Therefore, there is no clear answer to the question of how many sessions. The problems experienced by people, how stereotypes of these problems, size, wishes of people and so on. The times according to the titles vary. For some clients, the therapy that lasts 8 sessions may mean shorter or longer for you.
  The page content is only for informational purposes, you should consult your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.