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What do women expect from men?
  • 2022-06-16 13:51:25
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What do women expect from men?

Research shows that the speech center in women's brain is 35 % larger than men.
Men mostly prefer to use only one lobe of their brains in the face of a situation. Either they mainly make logical or emotional decisions. Women can use both sides of their brains in the face of situations they face. They can find solutions where both logic and emotional perspective are effective.
What is important for the woman is to express her emotions to her husband, while the important thing for the man is to reach the result. The man can only listen to his wife's mental satisfaction by listening. The woman can also provide emotional support by accepting it without manipulative against men and without interventions exceeding the boundaries. When a man feels that he is accepted and the woman feels that he is careful, he can develop belief that he is loved.
    What is important for the woman is the process of sharing and the form of focusing on her husband in this process. Listening to his wife by looking into his eyes increases his emotional strength. The effectiveness of a man to listen to himself strengthens the spiritual resources of the woman.
    What do men expect from women?
    The man expects the woman to accept herself with its existing characteristics, to see her husband successful and to appreciate the positive behavior characteristics.
    Expectations between men and women may change in marriage. What is important at this point is that the expectations of the spouses from each other are clarified at the beginning of the marriage. If the spouses do not know the priority of each other, the marriage atmosphere can be stretched at any time.
        Men; After marrying the compassion and unrequited sacrifice they see from their mothers, they also wait for their wives. Even the socks were removed by his mother until he gets married; After marriage, he automatically goes to compare his mother and his wife in the face of some reactions of his wife. However, the behavior of his mother, who "normalizes extreme sacrifice and creates his own self in this way", pushes the man to inertia. However, regardless of gender, every human being is enough to meet his own individual needs is expected from the parties in the ideal marriage.
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