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Ways to deal with sibling jealousy
  • 2022-06-11 18:27:40
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Ways to deal with sibling jealousy

Jealousy is a healthy and universal emotion inherent in childhood childhood childhood water encounters with birth. Sibling jealousy is used for use and love, for self-hatred. Sibling jealousy is seen in a very wanting child and the parents cannot be shared with someone else. Although it seems to be directed towards this emotion, it actually reflects anger and resentment towards the parents. A new help to children helpless and gratifying. Thoughts such as “Will they love me as much”, “If he is older than me” will be targeted and your attention and attention will be shared.

Siblings is very important in dealing with jealousy. Explain the development of children in a simple and small language and prepare them. Jealousy can be told about what will happen to the sister, what can be done for her. It is important that the sibling does not help in daily life after birth. win victory. It is beneficial to do before birth. Give him the opportunity to help out and tell him about your own babyhood. Do not reduce the child's class and interest, do not increase the score. Express your own feelings and spend one-on-one time with the child. It can be mentioned as a big child's toy, but you should say "now/you're a gentleman". Don't make comparisons between siblings and your sides. Give the child time to accept what he is.

Every child is unique and special. The child with parental attitude does not realize his special status in the family.